Kazakhstan Forex Exchange License

A Kazakhstan Forex Exchange License is the pathway to open a foreign currency trading business. Forex Trade is a lucrative business with billions of dollars being traded on the foreign currency market every day. In fact, it is the largest financial market in terms of the trading volume.

With a Forex Exchange License, you can establish a Forex trading website or mobile application and receive customers from permitted jurisdictions across the globe. A number of associated activities can be conducted on the Forex Market including providing clients the ability to conduct margin trading activities.

If you want to expand beyond Forex, the flexible nature of the license means that businesses can provide a wide range of additional services including payment services, cryptocurrency exchange, financial consulting, depository agent activities, and merchant services, through a single license.

A license for a Kazakhstan Forex Exchange is issued by the Kazakhstan National Bank and the Ministry of Economy of Kazakhstan. The documentation requirements for a Kazakhstan Forex Exchange License are minimal. There are no requirements for office, staff, business references or a compliance officer. There is also no minimum paid-up capital requirement. There is a possibility of 100% foreign ownership and the Tax rate can be reduced to close to 0% through permitted structuring

The fee for an application for a license varies on a case to case basis but is considered being among the most cost-effective in the world. A license is generally granted within 6–8 weeks of submission of a fully completed application.

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