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In our last article, we spoke about the crypto fund and the steps to obtain a Proprietary Trading License in Dubai. Dubai moving forward with a new license program for cryptocurrency service providers, and local regulators are introducing additional marketing and advertising rules for the industry. The UAE’s Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) acted swiftly to establish a framework that permits crypto enterprises to operate in the Dubai Multi Commodities Center in response to the recent increase in crypto acceptance (DMCC). An MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) that established a regulatory framework for companies offering, issuing, listing, and trading crypto assets in DMCC was signed by the DMCC and the SCA in March 2021.

Dubai’s Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), will be responsible for licensing and regulating the sector across Dubai’s mainland and the free zone territories, providing a full range of services in coordination with the Central Bank of the UAE and SCA. To spur groundbreaking growth and innovation in important industries including real estate, governance, logistics, metaverse, and finance, Dubai is setting the pace in the implementation of crypto initiatives.

As Dubai is quick to adopt new technologies, entrepreneurs from all over the world looking to drive into its growing crypto market. For the establishment of the cryptocurrency business in Dubai, DMCC has created the necessary facilities, laws, and infrastructure. However, investors need to be aware of the requirements, steps, and restrictions for establishing a cryptocurrency firm in the DMCC Free-zone.

What is a General Trade License in Dubai?

A general trade license is required for any business owner wishing to launch a venture in Dubai. A general trade license covers all of your trading activities, whether they are in the same industry as each other or not. Getting a Dubai trade license is much faster than getting other business licenses in the UAE. As long as you have the right documentation, you should be able to get your license without a problem.

The export, import, or trading of goods or products like clothing, accessories, furniture, electronics, etc. are all covered by the general trading license in Dubai. Additionally, a general trade license is required for those who want to conduct wholesale business.

One advantage of holding a general trading license is that a business can conduct business in Dubai and the other Emirates. It is significant to note that certain products are subject to regulation, such as alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, frozen foods, and so on, and they need special permission from the relevant authority.

A trader has the benefit of taking full advantage of all trading chances because there are so many opportunities in local, national, and international markets. Dubai offers its business owners three major alternatives for establishing a corporation in the Emirate: on the mainland, in free zones, or offshore. A businessperson must choose from which region in Dubai they want to obtain a trade license. Free zones and offshore both have advantages and disadvantages.

Crypto license in Dubai

The target market of today is constantly looking for contemporary businesses that accept bitcoins for a variety of transactions. As a result, this distinguishes your company from the rest of the field and makes it stand out. It’s a fantastic asset to include in your business to draw in more customers for your goods and services. The best thing about blockchain-based transactions is that there are no gateway or service fees. As a result, this considerably lowers a company’s transaction costs. Additionally, there are no restrictions for transferring cryptocurrencies across international borders.

Blockchain is a decentralized payment system with improved encryption features. As a result, you can securely conduct cryptographic transactions using the same encryption standards from anywhere in the globe. The corporation needs a trade license in order to operate legally in Dubai or any other state of the UAE. Since cryptocurrencies come under the commercial category, companies looking to launch a cryptocurrency-based business in the UAE will require a commercial license. Commercial licenses are required for commercial procedures that involve trading, which is important to understand.

To start a crypto business in Dubai you need to obtain a trade license to legalize business. Since the cryptocurrency industry is intertwined with the trading of Bitcoin and other currencies, a commercial license is necessary. With the aid of this crypto authorization, businesses can start operating.

The UAE’s requirements for a cryptocurrency license are as follows:

  • Obtain the commercial license application form that Dubai’s Department of Economic Development has provided.
  • Provide copies of all company partners’ passports.
  • It is necessary to have a cryptocurrency wallet history free of any fraudulent transactions or operations.
  • Make sure that your business’s operational costs and capital resources are all readily apparent over the first six to twelve months of operation.
  • All of your cryptocurrency assets must be registered with the government-approved “UAE financial free zone” departments.
  • You must submit your company plan along with the cryptocurrency license in Dubai as the last stage.

How to obtain a license?

There are two ways to obtain a commercial license to conduct cryptocurrency-related business: offline and online.

To obtain a license, there are several steps to follow:

  • Proof of sufficient capital to operate the business for at least 6 months successfully.
  • A strict KYC Norm has to have adhered
  • The investors must demonstrate strict compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Laws of the UAE
  • Disclosure to Value-Added-tax, Anti-Money laundering, and other Government authorities on request must be fulfilled
  • Secured information of client’s financial information — safeguarding against cybersecuritywhole process is fast and easy and very cost-effective compared to the other business trade licenses in the UAE. If you need any help with getting a license, feel free to contact us. We at Empire Global Partners have worked with hundreds of projects and will provide you with the necessary assistance to move ahead.



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